New Haven


Meet Iva. Iva is a friend of mine and I’m staying with her in New Haven. Both of us will also travel through the US. After a few days in New York, we went to Chicago for the weekend (will try to write about it too) and now we’re flying to LA.

S03062009082o New Haven. New Haven is where Yale University is. It’s a small and poor (in Iva’s words) town that has a pretty high crime level. On the right is some important building part of Yale, but God forbid I can’t remember what it is. Anyway. After landing in the US the first place I stayed was New Haven. Because of the time difference the next morning I woke up at 6:00 and had to be quite for 6 more hours and stay in my room because Iva doesn’t get up very early.

Since they don’t have internet I 09062009215had to steal some from a nearby wi-fi router. The good thing was that in Bulgaria everyone was up so I had something to do.

When the trip around the US is over I’ll make some more pictures. Until then here a nice one – 20 one-dollar bills are drying after being in the washer.

Update: Pictures here:

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